Directors Message

Summer has officially arrived and hopefully we will be seeing lots of sunshine and warm days ahead! Just a reminder to let your child’s teacher know if you will be taking any vacation over the summer. I will be away the first 2 weeks of July and Sue will be covering for me in the office.

I hope everyone will have a safe and enjoyable summer. Please remember to take some time to relax and enjoy the warm weather and summer activities.

Heather Cochrane

Acting Director

Summer Programming

Now is the time for sun hats, summer footwear and sunglasses! Please avoid flip flops for outside wear. They do not stay on their feet when walking or playing outside, they are unsafe for active play! We provide sunscreen for the children and a small fee has been added to your invoice to help cover the costs. If you provide your child’s sunscreen because of allergic reactions or other issues, there will not be a charge. Please let me know if I have charged you by mistake.

Please LABEL all your child’s belongings!!

Starting July 4th, summer activities will begin, your child will need a towel and bathing suit.

Infants and Toddlers – will have their own pool time in their play yards.

Preschool-1 & 2 – will go to the Aquatic Centre from 1-1:30 pm. daily. This year the cost will be paid by the Day Care Centre. Since we pay a small fee for the pool rental during the summer the board felt that this will be absorbed as a programming expense.

School Age – will be going to public swim from 2-4 pm. and they will require a pool pass or you can pay the daily rate of $4.00 per day. If your child comes to day care 5 days a week, a pool pass is cheaper. Applications are available in the office for funding through the recreation department if you need any assistance for this expense.


On Friday, July 8th, the day care will be hosting a Double Feature Concert with The Secrets and the Elliots! Check the insert included for more details.

Dates of Interest

June 22nd Preschool Graduation

June 23rd Purple Day – In support of Dravet Awareness

Early dismissal for Elementary school

June 24 th , 27 th & 28th No Elementary school classes

June 29 th Last Day of School

July 1 st Canada Day – Centre closed

July 4th Summer programs begin

July 8th Double Feature Concert at Kings Edgehill


We were fortunate to receive government funding for 4 summer students this year. Their job will be to assist the regular staff with supervision and care of the children, light housekeeping duties, indoor and outdoor program activities. Since they are students and may not know all the information on our operation, you should direct any of your questions regarding policy, bills and the Day Care Programs to myself or the regular full time staff.

Joining us will be:

Jessica Cooke – she is entering her 2nd year at Mount St. Vincent University, studying Early Childhood. She will be working in the Preschool Class.

Jessica Taylor – she is entering her 2nd year at Kingstec studying Early Childhood. She completed her practicum experience at our centre. She will be working with the Toddler 1 class.

Adrianna Crichton – she is entering her 2nd year at Mount St. Vincent University studying Psychology. She will be working in the Toddler 2 class.

Maria Laforce – she is entering her 2nd year at Mount Allison University studying Sociology and Political Science. She will be working with the School Age class.

Fees and Billing

Just a reminder that sunscreen fees have been added to your July bill. July 1st is a holiday and you will not be charged for that day. Late fees of $15.00 are added after the 1st of each month if payment has not been received and again on the 21st.

Drop Off Time

Policy states that children must arrive by 10 am sharp! Please have your child here by then, as groups often go on outings during the summer. If your child’s group have left the building we may not be able to accommodate your child in another class, as ratios must be maintained.


Unfortunately parking is a big issue here at the centre! Spaces are limited and the driveway can become very congested during peak drop off and pick up times. I am asking that everyone park at the same angle to allow as many parking spots as we can. It is not a large space and there have been some concerns. Please be considerate of others when you park your car.