Heather Cochrane
Acting Director

Daycare Storm Closing

The Day Care will remain open whenever possible. Closing will be the director’s decision. It may be best to have an alternate child care plan in place before the nasty weather is upon us. In the event of extremely nasty weather, please listen to AVR or 94.9 or call the centre before venturing out; to make sure we’re open. All this will be done as early as possible (hopefully before 6:30 am) so that alternate plans can be made.

Please Remember:

  • To provide your child with extra clothing and indoor shoes, labelled please!
  • To provide your child with the proper outdoor clothing as we go outside daily! A couple pairs of mittens too, as we are required to go outside twice a day!
  • To keep your child home if he/she is sick, and to call the Centre should they be out for any reason.
  • To please be courteous to those who do remove their footwear when entering the lobby and continue to remove your outdoor shoes. Those parents and children who do remove their shoes have mentioned that the floors and stairs are sometimes wet and their socks are getting damp!
  • That we would like the children to arrive no later than 10:00 am.
  • That the centre closes at 5:30! The teachers have put in a long day and like to leave on time. If you know you are going to be late please call the Centre so the staff are aware of late pickups. Our policy states that a late fee of $5.00 will be applied for the first 15 mins and an additional $20.00 for every 15 mins. thereafter.

A Message from our Fundraising Committee


Windsor Day Care kids at the Windsor Elms for our “Stockings for Seniors” program

The WDC fundraising team thanks each and every staff, parent and friend of the daycare for your efforts in helping us fundraise almost $4,000 over the last few months. We were able to construct a new deck for the infant yard and we are currently getting quotes for a replacement dishwasher for Lynn. The staff and children had a wonderful day at the Windsor Elms with our Stockings for Seniors program. THANK YOU!

We also have a variety of cookies available for sale. The list is in the main lobby on our event board. To keep up with ongoing events at the daycare, be sure to check out our new website, stephanies47.sg-host.com and also on our facebook page!

From the Board

The Board of the WDC would also like to thank all parents for their support, and to wish all of you the merriest of holidays! Keep an eye out for some more great projects and developments in the New Year!