February – Monthly Newsletter

Director’s Message

Well the messy weather is upon us, and will be here for awhile! At least the children are enjoying the snow, spending time each day outside! Please be sure to provide the necessary clothing to make sure they stay warm and dry. Again I am asking parents to please remove your shoes and boots in the lobby as it makes the stairs and hallways extremely wet for those parents and children who do.

There is nothing worse than having to spend the day in wet socks!

This year we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Windsor Day Care Centre. The Day Care began operating on Feb 2nd, 1976. We are very proud that we have been offering quality childcare for 40 years. Some of us have been here for much of that time and can hardly believe that so many years have passed.

To celebrate our anniversary, it is the plan of the board, staff and fundraising committee to hold some special events throughout the year. We will begin celebrating with a birthday party on Tuesday, February 2nd with the children and staff! We will also be hosting an open house on that day from 9am to 11am and from 3pm to 5pm, so you can spread the word and we can show off our awesome facility.

Heather Cochrane
Acting Director

Tax Time

Totals for the child care fees paid in 2015 are now ready. This amount can be claimed on your income tax return and if you do not have all your receipts and require one with the full total paid, please let me know.

Storm Closing

The Day Care will remain open whenever possible. Closing the facility is a very difficult decision, which I found out last week! I realize that many parents rely on us regardless of the weather, but there many factors to consider. We will be reviewing our policy at this month’s board meeting. One suggestion is maybe looking at delaying the opening to get a better idea of the day’s forecast and allowing everyone the chance to get shovelled out. I still suggest having a plan in place. In the event of extremely nasty weather, please listen to AVR, check our facebook page, or call the centre before venturing out; to make sure we’re open. All this will be done as early as possible (hopefully by 6:00 am) so that alternate plans can be made.


We recently had our inspection from the fire marshal’s department. It was pointed out that no parking is allowed beside the fire hydrant in front of the centre. Please keep that in mind when dropping off and picking up your children. That really reduces the number of spaces we have available for parking but we need to enforce that the space is open in case of an emergency.

Valentine’s Day:

We will be celebrating this annual day of love and caring on Friday Feb.12th with a card exchange. A list of your child’s classmates will be made available to you. Please check with your child’s teachers.

Please Remember:

  • To provide your child with extra clothing and indoor shoes, labelled please!
  • Please send mittens, they are much better than gloves. Many children have a lot of difficulty with gloves and they don’t provide a lot of warmth. Most children can put mittens on by themselves and being able to get ready independently to go outside not only helps their teaches but also helps foster good self-esteem.
  • Please make sure the information on your child’s file is up to date. Any change in phone numbers, address, pick-up or contact persons must be given in writing in order to keep our records accurate. This information is extremely important to us and must be kept up to date. We need to be able to contact you at all times.
  • To keep your child home if he/she is sick, and to call the Centre should they be out for any reason.
  • To please be courteous to those who do remove their footwear when entering the lobby and continue to remove your outdoor shoes.
  • That we would like the children to arrive no later than 10:00 am. and to pick up your children by 5:30. If you know you are going to be late, please call the Centre so the staff are aware of late pickups.

A Message from our Fundraising Committee

We have a variety of cookies still available. The list is in the main lobby on our event board. To date we have raised $966.00 and when we sell the remaining cookie dough we will have sold $1550.00.

The fundraising committee is gearing up for some great plans this year. Additional volunteers would be very welcome, especially while we organize a big spring event for the daycare’s 40th anniversary. If you have a few hours a month to spare, please let Heather know!

And don’t forget the board is still looking for one or two new members. We’re nice!

To keep up with ongoing events at the daycare, be sure to check out our new website, stephanies47.sg-host.com and also on our facebook page!