Newsletter: December 2015

Director’s Report

Wow, how the time flies. Snow and Christmas are just around the corner and we have a lot happening within the daycare in the coming weeks.  Some staff will be taking vacation around the holidays so if you know your child will be taking some time off, please let me know as it helps planning with staff around the holidays.  As the weather continues to get wet and cold, please remember to bring appropriate clothing including hats, mitts, warm coats, rain/snow boots (for the water and mud or snow) and many changes of clothes for your children. We do go outside rain or shine so we need to ensure the children are appropriately dressed to explore!  To reduce the amount of salt/snow/sand that will be tracked into the building when the snow comes, please take your outside boots off in the lobby (parents & children). We appreciate your patience and understanding.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the staff and myself , to wish all the families of our Centre a very safe and joyful Christmas and New Year.

Winter Storm Closures

Our parent handbook indicates that in the event of a storm our centre will remain open. However should the weather be extremely nasty,  and it is decided to close the centre for the safety of families, children and staff, we will advertise the closure on AVR and there will be a message on our answering machine. We will also post it on our daycare face book page. We will make every effort to do this as early as possible (as early as 6:00 am). It is suggested for you to have an alternate plan in place before the nasty weather is upon us. In the event of a bad storm and only a reduced number of staff are able to get to work, we will accept only those who absolutely need child care that day.

Dates of Interest

Dec  12th ……………Christmas Shopping Day for Parents (please register in advance)

Dec 12th …………….Christmas Tree Pickup (please  pre-order by Dec 4th)

Dec. 18th………………..early dismissal for Elementary school

Dec. 24th………………..Closing at 12:30

Dec. 25th………………..Day Care closed – Christmas Day

Dec. 31st………………..New Years Eve – Closing at 3:00

Jan.1st…………………..New Year’s Day- Day Care close


The Fundraising committee will be preparing a Christmas Basket on which tickets will be sold. If anyone would like to contribute items to include in the basket, please bring them in to the office. Some suggestions are things that are family related- edible items, stocking stuffers, toys/coupons for toys, chocolates, Christmas decorations, candles, homemade items, jams, jellies, pickles etc. Tickets will be available soon.  We are looking for a few volunteers to sell tickets on Dec 12th at Home Hardware.  There is a sign up sheet in the main lobby if you’re able to help.

We will also be selling Christmas trees this year.  Please see the enclosed handout with all the information.

The cookie dough campaign is going really well.  We have lots of orders returned and I would like to thank all you parents for doing a tremendous job selling to your families, friends and coworkers.  The money raised through this campaign is going towards a new dishwasher for Lynn.

Fee Payments

Fee payments are due on the first of each month. A late payment fee of 15.00 will be applied if payments are not received by the 1st and an additional 15.00 will be applied if not received by the 20th.  Also if a payment is not made by the last day of the month then the director is able to suspend attendance with the option of termination if we have someone who is waiting for admission.  Changes to the policy were made at the last board meeting and an official document will be provided in the near future.   It is essential that we receive payments in a timely manner as we rely on parent fees to help with the operational cost associated within the daycare. As more parents have inquired about payment methods, we do accept e-transfers, our email address is  We also accept debit and cheques.

Christmas Events

We are hoping to arrange a visit with the residents at the Elms over the holidays. The money raised with the “Shopping Day”  will be used to purchase small gifts for the residents and the children will distribute these on the day of our visit.  This would include the Preschool children.  As soon as the plans are finalized we will inform you.

Santa will be visiting the day care this Christmas.  We are just waiting for confirmation on when he is able to attend.  This year we are asking parents for $5.00 per child and we will purchase age appropriate gifts for Santa to distribute.  In the past parents have provided the gifts and we have found that some children seem disappointed when they may have not received something as exciting as their friends’ gifts!  Just give the money to your child’s teacher and we will look after the rest!