Director’s Message:

I would like to take this time to thank all of you for the support and kind words you shared with us as we dealt with the sudden loss of Nathan. It has been a very emotional and difficult experience for us staff and all those who came to know him. I am amazed at how well the staff worked through it and supported each other, while continuing to provide exceptional care to all their students. Thank you for the memorial donations, cards, food and chocolates you so generously contributed! Thank you to Amy Morrison for the lovely flowers and the arrangement she provided for his service on behalf of all of Nathan’s friends at Day Care! You all made an extremely sad time more bearable!


Heather Cochrane


Some of the staff spent their Saturday here at the Centre participating in 2 workshops: Loose Parts and The Importance of Outdoor Play! A lot of hands on activities and ideas, as well as the theory behind these practices were presented to us. I am sure the teachers will be enhancing their programs with the knowledge gained during these workshops. I have included a handout on why it is important for children to play outdoors to assist in all areas of development, not just the physical!

Mud and boots

Well, it looks like spring is finally here! With the rainy weather and outdoor play consisting of a lot of water and mud activities, it is important that the children have appropriate clothing to stay as dry as possible. Please provide splash pants and rubber boots for them to wear, and expect their outdoor wear to be a little muddy!


We continue to accumulate quite a pile of lost and found items from each classroom. Please have a look to see if anything belongs to your child. At the end of each month these items will be donated if they are not taken home. Also, please take some time to clean out and replenish your child’s cubby/supplies weekly.


Hopefully you have had some luck selling the travel voucher tickets. Please return all sold and unsold tickets by the end of the month, as we will need to sell any remaining tickets to ensure that this fundraiser is successful. The draw will take place on Sat. April 9th at the Legion during the 2 Cute 2 Toss Sale.

We will be participating in the 2 Cute 2 Toss Sale at the Windsor Legion on Sat. April 9th from 9 to 12:00. We will have a table of extra toys, books and clothing that we seem to accumulate here at the centre. We will also be operating the canteen, selling turkey burgers, drinks, cookies and cupcakes. If you have any items to contribute for our table, or could make some cupcakes it would be much appreciated. All fundraising events will go towards improvements to our yard.


The children will again be participating in the Muscular Dystrophy HOPATHON. Children learn about helping others through their “hopping” activities the foundation provides us with. The motto for the fund raiser is “We Hop For Those Who Can’t”. Any contributions you can collect will be greatly appreciated.

Fees and Billing

Just a reminder that April’s invoices will reflect the fee increase this month for all full day programs by $1.00 and part time School Age program by .50 cents. The next increase will be Sept. 1st. Please remember that invoices not paid at the beginning of the month as stated in the parent policy will be charged late fees of $15.00 and again if not paid by the 20th. I regret that this is necessary, but we rely on parent fees for operational and programming expenses.

Dates of Interest

March 23 ……………..Hopathon

March 25th…………..Good Friday (Day Care is closed)

March 28th…………..Easter Monday (no Elementary school)

March 31 …………… Please return All tickets for Travel Voucher

April 9th ………………2 Cute 2 Toss (Fundraiser at the Legion)

April 15th ……………Windsor Elementary full day in service

April 25th…………….Earth Day