As of June 22, 2015, the Windsor Day Care is thrilled to announce that Heather Cochrane has accepted the position as Acting Director during Amie’s absence. Heather brings with her over 30 years’ experience (we know she doesn’t look old enough) and has been an integral part of the Day Care Centre’s growth during that time. Thank you Heather for stepping up to the plate. You’ll be amazing!

2015 Board of Directors

As the members of the new Windsor Day Care Board, we would like to provide you with our names along with a very brief bio/reason we are on the board. We will be working closely with Heather and listening to your needs to ensure the centre is both the educational and inspirational environment you have come to expect for your little ones.

Amanda Crichton

I have 2 children enrolled in the WDC Centre. I am from Windsor and want what is best for my children which is why I applied to be on the board. I am hoping I can help to resolve any issues and help to continue to ensure the centre is a place where children can have fun and learn at the same time for years to come.

Lori Frenette

I have a young son who attends the WDC Centre which is a place for children to develop friendships, learn new things, have fun in a safe and caring environment. The WDC has provided a much needed service in the Windsor are for many years and I want to see it continue on and move forward for many years to come.

Mike McGlone

I believe that people are the heart of the community and as residents it is our responsibility to give back. That giving can come in all shapes and sizes and as a new homeowner in Windsor, a proud parent of two children under five, a busy working husband, the best that I can give is my time, my ideas and my experience. Since its inception in 1976, the Windsor Day Care has given the children of Windsor and surrounding communities a solid start on the path of learning. As a board member, I will work hard to keep up the tradition for our children and our communities.

John O’Brien

I am a resident of Windsor and a parent of a child who attends the Windsor Cay Care Centre. I have more than 5 years’ experience with non-profit organizations and a genuine concern for the well-being of the children, staff and the organization as a whole. My goal is to see this facility flourish through sound policies and transparency for many years to come.

Stephanie Sedgwick

The Windsor Day Care has been at the heart of the community for almost 40 years. By volunteering on the board, I want to use my creativity and vision to help make it one of the best places of its kind for its children and its staff.

Bonnie Smith

I have been a resident of Windsor for nearly 30 years. My grandchildren have attended the Windsor Day Care Centre and I have seen first-hand the transformation from the old centre to the new. I feel that my connections throughout the local area and beyond as well as my administrative skills will benefit the new board as we move forward with exciting new ideas to ensure the Windsor Day Care continues to offer outstanding child care to the Windsor and surrounding areas.

Samantha Thompson

I am committed to the delivery of quality community services and look forward to contributing to the important programming at Windsor Day Care Centre.


The Windsor Day Care Board of Directors