July 13, 2015

Greetings, Members of the Windsor Daycare Society!

Between the AGM on June 15 and our most recent meeting on July 2, your new board has met 3 times, with certain committees meeting more frequently. Meetings and discussion will still be frequent during the summer months as we familiarize ourselves with all relevant aspects of the daycare’s operations.

As of July 2 and the election of officers, your new board looks like this:

President – Mike McGlone

Vice President – Bonnie Smith

Treasurer – Samantha Thompson

Secretary – Stephanie Sedgwick

Directors: John O’Brien, Lori Frenette, Amanda Crichton

We are confident that our team has the skills and commitment needed to make the daycare excel and look forward to the challenges ahead.

Summary of our actions to date:

  1. Appointment of Heather Cochrane as Acting Director in Amie’s absence.
  2. Acceptance of offer of bookkeeping services by certified accountant, including assisting the Acting Director in preparing invoices and payroll using a computerized system.
  3. Discussion with organizations re debt owed by Windsor Day Care to the Town of Windsor, and development of a strategic plan to deal with such (and there are some great ideas that we can’t wait to share with you—once they’re confirmed!)
  4. Meeting with the realtor, and yard maintenance at the old daycare facility.
  5. Initiated introduction of new board members to Town Council.
  6. Created several new committees to help resolve current issues as well as put the daycare on a solid healthy track, including:
    1. Human Resources Committee – Bonnie, Steph.
    2. Bricks & Mortar Committee (for both the old building while it’s still under our ownership, and the current building) – John, Mike. Stay tuned for requests for parent or community volunteers for certain tasks…
    3. Finance Committee – Mike, Steph, Samantha.
    4. Plus one or two others that will be announced within the next few weeks!

The 2015 Board of Directors is full of great ideas and determination to make this daycare a happy and engaging place for children and staff. We can’t wait to work with you to help make it happen.

Many regards,

Windsor Day Care Society Board of Directors

  • Mike, Bonnie, Samantha, Stephanie, John, Lori, and Amanda