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WDC Pre-application – to be submitted with your initial application deposit.

WDC Application Form – a longer, comprehensive application form.

WDC Parent Handbook – for enrolled families. Please note this is a download of almost 30 pages.

How Should I Prepare For Daycare?

Please refer to your Parent Handbook for the most current Centre policies and guidance.

Your child should be dressed appropriately for play, and for both indoor and outdoor activities. Children go outside every day, weather permitting, and the Centre is not responsible for the laundering of soiled garments. Parents are responsible for their child’s clothing bag and to provide clean clothing as needed. It is very helpful if items your child brings to the Centre are clearly labeled with initials or their last name.

Parents of children enrolled for a full day must provide a sheet, blanket and pillow for rest time, with the exception of children in the School Age program. Children who attend regularly will be assigned a cubby to keep their belongings in. We ask that you please leave your child’s toys at home as we cannot be responsible for lost or broken toys, although educators may sometimes offer Show & Tell Days or other opportunities for children to bring something from home.

Some suggested items:

  • Seasonal Outerwear (hats, jackets, boots, swimsuits, etc.)

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Pillow/blanket, and fitted crib sheet if applicable

  • Change of clothes

  • Clean indoor shoes

Programming Curriculum

What will your child be doing?

There will be story time, time to play with blocks, opportunities to count and compare, to make pictures, to sing and to make-believe. Children are provided with lots of sensory materials and loose parts to enhance creativity and exploration. They will experience the world through exploration and investigation inside the classroom and outside in the playground or community.

How will your child be learning?

Your child will be learning through play. We have known for a very long time that child’s play provides the foundations for language and literacy; for mathematics, science and technology; and for the arts. It is these types of play opportunities at the WDC that determine what your child learns.

What will the WDC Early Educator be doing?

The Educators will carefully watch and actively participate in play experiences with care not to intrude or interrupt the processes put in place by the children; continue to foster the children’s learning through support and extending the interests shown by children; provide safe and nurturing environments; support parents through their child’s milestones of development; provide clear documentations to capture daily events; provide consistent communication to families and children.

Useful Tips

  • Some children can settle in a couple days and others take a little longer to adjust to a new environment. It often takes children several weeks or more to adjust to the routine of the Centre; this is perfectly normal, and we will work with you and your child to help settle throughout this adjustment.

Arrival and Departure

Child Drop-Off

Arrival should be punctual (between opening and 10:00am) for maximum play opportunities for your child. At WDC we consider timely arrival a valuable opportunity for your child to transition from your care to ours as it provides them with the time to make choices, socialize with others and settle into their day before getting ready for morning activities or outings. As a licensed facility, we also must ensure that child/staff ratios are met at all times.

Child Pick-Up

If anyone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your child please inform the Centre and ensure the person is on the pick-up list. We will not release your child to anyone else without proper authorization (verbal or written to director). Educators and the Director should know the custodial arrangements as they pertain to your family.

To ensure the constant safety of the children, all parents must accompany them to their child care classrooms upon arrival.

Each child and parent should greet the educator upon arrival, and say goodbye when leaving. This helps ensure that both parents and educators are aware of your child’s arrival/departure.

School age children will be escorted to and from the bus stop by a WDC Educator, and supervised until they board the bus.

Get Involved

  • Family participation is strongly encouraged

  • We welcome your input on our programs and policies, and to visit the Centre any time.

  • We encourage parents to become involved! A contribution of time and/or talent can greatly enhance our programs.

  • Family participation on a Committee or our Board of Directors is also encouraged.

Available Programs

The Centre provides the following programs:

  • Infants 6 to 18 months
  • Toddlers 18 months to 3 years
  • Preschool 3 to 5 years
  • Kidz Zone – School Age 4 to 12 years

Children spend the day in a play-based learning environment, in which the children interact with one another through music, songs, dance, games, exercise, art materials, table top activities, sand, water, and sensory activities. Each classroom provides learning centers that are appropriate for the children in the classroom, to encourage early learning skills, appropriate social skills, and to let each child explore, play and be as creative as they want to be in a safe, loving environment.

There is skill development through use of puzzles, legos, building blocks and interlock pieces, language arts, library centre and listening centre. Children experience group activities and individual attention daily.

The Executive and Assistant Directors of the Centre are responsible for setting up programs and performing regular evaluations of programming. Parent input is welcome at any time.

Useful Resources

  • Each unit posts the daily schedule.

  • Outdoor activities, field trips and other excursions are planned as part of overall programming.

  • A quiet time is necessary and required for children who attend full days.

  • Plans for children with special needs will be reviewed and must be given parental consent.

  • We offer parents of our Infants and Toddlers groups an instant, digital way to keep up with their child’s day.
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