Our Need

The Windsor Day Care Centre is the sole community-based, non-profit organization providing early childhood education to the Windsor community and surrounding rural area of West Hants, NS.

Since 1976 the Centre has enriched the lives of children and families through early learning programming and high quality childcare. Driven by committed staff, volunteers and community members, the Centre has enthusiastically and creatively responded to the needs of the community, ensuring the availability of a nurturing childcare environment for children 6 months to 12 years of age.

Our Centre has overcome many hurdles in the past several years:

  • We worked tirelessly to fundraise for the building of a new facility so we could exit our original decaying structure and provide care for up to 80 children in a non-toxic environment – a goal which we met in 2012.
  • We collaborated with governmental stakeholders to ensure access to childcare for many of our community’s under-resourced families.
  • We partnered with local institutions and raised funds that have enabled us to attract well-sought after staff to support children with special needs.
  • And we continue to deliver programming with donated and recycled items as well as draw on the support of community businesses in order to minimize overall costs so the educational and childcare activities at the heart of our Centre can persist.

The time has now come that we need your help with building a stimulating, safe and accessible outdoor area the children can use throughout the year to remain active and healthy.

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At present, our infant yard is entirely covered with mud and our children’s yard is lacking of structures and materials key for promoting play, growth and learning.  Each day these deficiencies limit our children from engaging in age-appropriate and developmentally-important outdoor activities.  Especially, during our many rainy maritime days!

Our Plan

  • Raise $52,000 to fund the construction of an inclusive and accessible outdoor area that promotes active living and fosters learning and development through play.
  • Install natural playground structures that enhance cognitive, social, emotional and physiological development, such as inclusive sports equipment, balance and climbing apparatuses and sensory-stimulating activity stations.
  • Build a sheltered area to provide coverage from seasonal elements.
  • Modify our terrain in order to promote accessibility to children of various ages and abilities by investing in non-toxic landscaping that is safe for infant oral sensory needs as well as solid pathways for yard access.

Together, Our Impact

With your votes and the AVIVA Community Fund support we can make a positive difference each day in the lives of the children attending the Windsor Day Care Centre.  And a lasting contribution for the children and families of the Windsor community and surrounding area.