August 7, 2015

Greetings, Members of the Windsor Day Care Society!

The Board of Directors met in full on August 6, with guests from the Dept of Education and Early Childhood Development. Following is a quick update for all our society members.

Committee Updates:

  1. Bricks & Mortar Committee
    • Yard cleanup at both the old daycare and the new centre. Big thanks to all the parents and volunteers who helped!
    • List of maintenance tasks at the daycare. If you are handy and like fixing random things, please ask Heather or one of the teachers for details!
  1. Finance Committee
    • Working hard with our new bookkeeper to compile financial records that will enable us to create manageable budgets.
  1. Fundraising Committee (NEW!)
    • First meeting: August 27 at 6pm at the daycare. We’d love to see as many helping hands as possible, so please try to come! Fundraising meetings are open to all, and child-minding will be available.
  1. Governance Committee (NEW!)
    • Purpose: to review bylaws, handbooks and other documents. No meeting yet set.

If you see anything of interest here and you’d like to help, just let either a staff member or the board know.

If you have any questions related to the oversight of the Windsor Day Care and its board of directors, you can use our board email address:

Communications from the board will be made regularly via the daycare website and facebook page, as well as the daycare’s newsletters. Please keep in touch!

Many regards,

Windsor Day Care Society Board of Directors

  • Mike, Bonnie, Samantha, Stephanie, John, Lori, and Amanda